Let me welcome you to Nostalgic Virginian, a blog that I conceived several years ago and has finally been born. For, you see, I happen to be a nostalgic Virginian.

This is a place where I look forward to openly sharing a few stand-out memories of people, places, and experiences that I formed over the years living all my life here in Virginia. It is my hope that a few geographically similar, like-minded people will find this blog and have their memories occasionally stirred by my accounts and, if so inspired, share their own thoughts and memories in the comments.

That’s what this blog is all about, in a nutshell. More details can be found in my About Page, for the intrigued.

This is going to be fun. Welcome and enjoy.

[ Photo is of me at age three or so (~1975), flying a kite in my front yard in Dandy (York County) where the York River meets The Bay ]